Freedom Committee of Orange County



I had the pleasure of attending the Freedom Committee of Orange Country monthly luncheon today and meeting some true American Heroes.

The members of the Freedom Committee of Orange County bring with them a “Living History” of WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Stories of Pearl Harbor, the Dieppe raid, Battle of the Bulge, D-Day, Air battles in the war torn skies of the South Pacific, over Fortress Europe, and even experiences of being Prisoners of War.

All the theaters of war are remembered and shared.…witnessing the Atom bomb drop, Flying the Hump in the CBI Theater, bombing of the Ploesti Oil fields, and freeing inmates of the German concentration camps. Places like Pusan, Inchon, Chosin Reservoir, Da Nang and the Tet offensive are also remembered.

These veterans are available to speak to schools regarding these subjects at the request of educators who may wish to supplement their respective class.

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