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The team of Brad Ohlund, Vern Vihlene and Robert Davis have been documentary filmmakers for over 30 years. Their talents have garnered international acclaim and awards which provide you with the creativity and experience to ensure a priceless Legacy Video.

Visual StoryTeller – Brad Ohlund
A master at visual storytelling, Brad, who is a Brooks Institute of Photography graduate, has been entertaining and educating the World with numerous Award Winning IMAX films. His work has been seen by literally millions of people in IMAX theaters around the world.

Producer – Vern Vihlene
Vern’s career encompasses many disciplines; starting as a cameraman, then an editor, director, producer, distributor, and now as a publisher of content. Throughout his career, his motto has always been “Good enough…isn’t”, a motto that has consistently led to outstanding productions.

Creative and Post Production – Robert Davis
Growing up in a family working in the film industry has allowed Robert to develop unique skills, experience and talents. Robert’s exceptional creative abilities and attention to detail add the finishing touches to our post-production.

“All good men and women must take responsibility to Create a Legacy that will take the next generation to a level we could only imagine.” Jim Rohn


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