Attend a Free CREATE A LEGACY VIDEO class!

Join the very experienced team of video producers, Vern Vihlene, Robert Davis and Brad Ohlund as they share their video making tips and techniques with you; tips which will help you to preserve a legacy on video.

The step by step class will teach you how to Create a Legacy Video, a video that can influence children, grandchildren and future generations by preserving your life story, heritage, beliefs, and values. 


IMAX Director of Photography, Brad Ohlund, will be one of three documentary video makers teaching at this week’s class entitled “Preserve your Legacy.”  With numerous award winning IMAX documentaries in his list of credits, Brad shares more than 30 years of production experience with anyone wanting to capture their life story on video. 


Brad began Create A Legacy Video several years ago when he realized how he had missed the opportunity to video his own Dad’s story.  As a documentary film maker, he knew that he should have found the time to capture his Dad’s lifetime achievements and experiences for himself and for his family.    Brad decided to help others to preserve their personal biography so that they would not make the same mistake that he had made.

Join Brad and his two partners for the FREE CLASS  at  Mission Viejo’s Murray Center on Thursday, April 3rd from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.  Please RSVP to or call him at (949) 582-0937 to reserve your place.

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